Items Needed


Please consider collecting or providing specific items to us! If you wish to donate specific items for our ministry please contact us! 

Please remember some things can be easily purchased in Uganda (and are hard to transport) – if you are interested in providing items with a * next to them please consider making a money donation specified for that item and we will buy it in Uganda and distribute it to the children. However if you wish to donate the specific item we still appreciate it and it will be transported to Uganda when we are able!


Most Needed Items:


Girls and boy clothing (4t-16)

Underwear (4t-16)

Shoes (Black school shoes boy and girl) & flip flops (all children/teen sizes)

Medical supplies- Band-Aids, antibiotic cream, sterile gauze, gloves… etc.


Medicines – Tylenol, Benadryl, Motrin, Pepto Bismol – children & adult

Bibles (GoodNews Bibles* and children’s Bibles)

Sunday School supplies (Lessons with big pictures – also lessons for all ages)

Jump ropes (Long ones! They like to play together!)

Soccer balls* (and pumps)

Small balls (Hard foam work great – they throw them at each other so we don’t want anyone to get hurt but they need to be heavy enough to throw!)

Printer and ink


Petroleum Jelly*

Other –

Light weight blankets


Wash cloths




Hair trimmers

Bed sheets

Sturdy puzzles


Volleyballs & nets

Hard candies/ suckers

Paper (white, cardstock, construction)

Crayons, pencils, colored pencils, pens

Coloring books

Story books

Letter & number flashcards

Scissors- children & adult


Other school supplies (especially nursery school age)