Child Sponsorship FAQ

What does YAM child sponsorship provide?

YAM child sponsorship provides your sponsor child with a good education by sending them to a good school in the area, which also provides them with a nutritious lunch to help supplement their meals from home. Your sponsorship donation also provides school requirements for your child (i.e. notebooks, pens, uniform, etc). Your child is also monitored for any medical needs they might have.

NOTE: We are not able to provide extras such as school shoes, school bags, calculators, dictionaries, and school Bibles at this time. If you would like your child to receive these things please contact us about making a donation specifically towards that.

We are also not able to cover all medical needs for your sponsored child. We monitor all sponsored children for medical needs and make sure they get any emergency medical help they need. Because we are a small organization and many children who need help when a sponsored child has an emergency medical need we alert their sponsor and ask for help covering the doctor bill, this allows us to help more of those children who don’t have a sponsor when they have emergency medical needs. If a sponsored child has an non-emergency medical needs these are conveyed to their sponsor and covered as funds are provided or at a sponsors request.

Can I sponsor more than one child?

Yes – you can sponsor as many children as you feel led too!

Can I choose my sponsor child?

You can decide what age you would like your child to be, and whether you’d like to sponsor a girl or boy.  We also have a list of top priority children we need sponsored (based on educational needs, medical needs, and family needs) who you can choose from – we will make their names and pictures available for you to choose from. Sometimes we also will contact you after receiving your sponsorship form asking if you would be willing to adjust what age or gender you indicated you would like to sponsor to sponsor a top priority needs child. You are always welcome to say no and we will match you with one of our many other children – we have all ages and genders and all are in need of a sponsor!

Will I get updates on my sponsor child?

Yes – we will be sending you updated pictures and information as it becomes available or by request and you will receive several letters a year from your child on their school breaks where they can update you about their lives themselves.

Can I give more than the regular sponsorship donation?

Yes! You can give extra on our donation page. If you wish to send an extra donation for something special for your child or to cover an extra need they might have please make a note on your donation or contact us and we will make sure your child’s need gets covered by your donation! Any unspecified donations will go towards covering the ministries other needs.

Will my child know who his/her's sponsor is?

Yes! When a child gets a sponsor we inform that child and their parents or guardian that they are sponsored! Our children get so excited about getting a sponsor and are so blessed by your support. Our children feel special and loved by their sponsors. If you wish your child to know more about you you can send your child letters and a picture of you and/or your family!

Can I send letters and/or gifts?

Yes you can! Feel free to send letters and pictures to your child at any time! Gifts are also welcome, but can be expensive to send. If you wish to give your child a gift but don’t wish to ship it to us you can also give a specific donation for a gift for your child and let us know what you would like them to receive. (We can give you ideas if you are not sure what to give them!). Gifts such as t-shirts, dresses, outdoor toys (soccer balls, small balls, jump ropes), flip-flops, etc are amazing. Toiletry items, bikes, and shoes can be purchased here.

Please do NOT send any sharp or dangerous items or anything super expensive (i.e. expensive jewelry). (Please contact us with any questions about what not to send.)

Our P.O. Box in Uganda is

Yesu Asobola Ministries
P.O. Box 223
Soroti, Uganda
East Africa

Does my sponsorship donation really go to my child?

All of your donation, except for a very small administration fee, goes directly to the ministry and care of your child. No money is ever handed directly to a child or guardian, but all fees and items are paid and purchased by the ministry and provided to the child.

Can I visit my sponsor child?

Yes! If you are planning a trip to Uganda and would like to visit your sponsor child please contact us to arrange it!