YAM Spring 2016 Newsletter!

Saturday Program Structure Construction!

This past spring we saw the need for a structure to be built for us to conduct our Saturday program in once rainy season hit! We began praying and God provided the money for a beautiful structure to keep our kids safe and dry when rain hits!!! Enjoy the pictures of our journey of constructing YAM’s first building!



Some of our kids standing at the site where the structure would be built before construction began!



Our directors on the ground, Susan and Amy, standing on the new foundation! So exciting!


We had a big pile of bricks to carry and our kids pitched in to help! They were amazing and were excited to help!


People who had bikes were happy and able to carry more at a time!


The kids carried the bricks and placed them right next to the construction site to help make building the structure easier!


Lots of work went into the structure and we were able to hire local people to do the building and other work. Here is a picture of some of the workers shoveling dirt into the truck to be taken to the site.


We could not have done it without this guy! Enoch did many hours of work for us to help us get the best prices and to oversee (and do!) a lot of the work! We were so blessed to have his help!



I see walls!




Almost finished!


Our beautiful structure all finished!!!!!


Our kids were able to still attend our Saturday program even if it rained! So blessed!

We also needed toilets for our kids (we didn’t want to ruin any of the surrounded gardens!). We were again blessed by generous donors to build the toilets!

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Thank you SO much to everyone who donated to make this work possible! You are such a blessing to us and we appreciate it so much!


Christmas in the village!

Hello Friends!

We are so excited with all that God has been doing with Yesu Asobola Ministries and we wanted to share with you a few of those blessings!!!

Christmas was a HUGE blessing to us and brought us lots of visitors! Our secretary, Hannah Vincent, was able to come here to Uganda for Christmas and see what we have been doing and our work here! We were so blessed to have her and the children were so excited because her friends and family donated so we could give them all clothes, toothpaste, and sweets for Christmas, not to mention a break from the usual beans and posho so they could eat meat and rice for lunch! They were so excited and the joy on their faces was contagious! They loved getting to know Hannah as well! On top of that some other new friends donated lots of clothes, especially pillow case dresses, for the children which we were able to give them and they are continuing to enjoy!!

Please enjoy these pictures from our Christmas in the village!


Our sweet Rebecca smiling for Hannah!



Some of our boys showing off their new clothes! They were so excited!



One of our big girls and Amy – we love our girls so much!


So happy with their sweets!!


One of our awesome volunteers helping to select and give out clothes to the children – when you have 300+ children lining up to get clothes you need lots of help! We couldn’t have done it alone!


Cooking for so many is always exciting! So thankful for those who continue to come each week to help us with that! For Christmas dinner we had meat and rice – the children were so happy when they showed up and saw meat!


Amy taught the Christmas story as the Bible lesson!


One of our big boys showing off his new shirt! Look how smart he looks!


This is how we roll! Heading home from an amazing day!


Another one of our big boys with his new shirt!


Our amazing secretary, Hannah, with some of the girls – the children loved her as much as she loved them!


Our baby girls in their new dresses – so cute!


All our girls displaying their beautiful dresses! We were so thankful to everyone who donated to help clothe our kids and make their Christmas amazing!!



And we can never have too many toothbrushes! Thank you so much to our friends for donating them to us! Everyone was so excited!

Shortly after Christmas we had some more friends come to visit! They were a huge help with some office work and also spent a day in the village taking pictures of kids for our sponsors! We were so thankful for their help!!!



The team! Thank you Kay, Hannah, Colleen, and Kate for your visit and all your help!!! You brought us so much encouragement as well! So blessed by you ladies!!!



The amazing ladies on the YAM land getting a tour and having fun together after a long day of picture taking!


A great picture of the team waiting on the side of the road for motorcycles to take them home!

Then just last weekend we had another visitor – one of our board members and beloved friends, Pastor Richard, came to visit and was able to come and attend our Saturday program! We were so excited to show him in person the work we are doing and were so blessed by his presence there and by his help!



He even helped us serve the long lines of children food! Looks like he had fun!

Current update on our ministry –

We were so blessed this week by a generous donation so we can put a structure up on our land to conduct our Saturday programs under! During the dry season we were able to teach the kids under the shade of some beautiful trees, but once rainy season hits us we can no longer do that – the kids would get wet and we wouldn’t be able to cook. So we had been praying and discussing what we should do and God provided for us! We are going to be starting construction ASAP as rainy season has already begun so please keep checking back in the next couple weeks for updates and pictures on how construction is doing!!

Also we have been working hard to put all our sponsored children in school, pay their school fees, and make sure they have all their school requirements! We are so thankful to all our sponsors who have made this possible! We have MANY more children in need of sponsors so please if you are interested in helping make our kids futures brighter visit our sponsorship page to sign up! The children are always SO excited when we tell them they have a sponsor and that they can go to school and the smiles on their faces shows the hope and joy their sponsor has given them! Thank you so much!